Rosewill R-BM-01 Review

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Rosewill R-BM-01 bread machineThe Rosewill R-BM-01 is a bread maker that bakes either a 1.5-pound or 2-pound square loaf. Although it doesn’t come out as a traditional loaf like what other machines bake, it has many of the same features. For example, it has 12 pre-programmed settings as well as 3 crust settings. There is also a 13-hour delayed timer which is useful for setting when you want your machine to start baking. A “keep warm” function lasts up to 60 minutes so it gives you time to keep your bread warm. And it comes with some of the other things like an LCD display, viewing window, removable baking pan with a kneading blade, measuring cup, and measuring spoon. Best of all, this bread machine costs only about $50, which is the cheapest we’ve seen.

Our Rosewill R-BM-01 Review

Let’s get right into our review. The Rosewill R-BM-01 was the cheapest we paid for a bread machine. Our most expensive were the Zojirushi machines which we were thoroughly impressed with. So coming into testing, we didn’t have high expectations. On the contrary, we held high expectations for Zojirushi and their machines didn’t disappoint. So will the Rosewill impress us?

Before purchasing the bread maker, we’ve never heard anything about the Rosewill brand before. Apparently it makes electronic equipment like computer accessories and amplifiers, so we thought it was odd that the company would venture into the kitchen appliances space. Our first impressions of the Rosewill R-BM-01 after unpacking was that it was quite large. The machine comes in a beautiful white and has almost a dome shape. On the front of the machine there is an LCD display which we found to be quite small but seems to work the same – it has all the labels you need. At the top there is a viewing window where you can look inside as your bread bakes.

One thing we noticed is that the bread maker doesn’t have a dedicated gluten-free mode. But we don’t see why you couldn’t adjust the machine to gluten-free bread. When it came to baking bread, we noticed that the crust comes out thick and hard, so to counter that we recommend using the light crust setting most of the time. Although the bread comes out somewhat “heavy”, we really like the flavor that it can achieve. If you follow the instructions from the book, and add the ingredients in order, you will have no problem baking delicious bread with this machine.

Since it’s a really cheap machine, we were curious about the durability of it. But we couldn’t test this ourselves because we’ve only owned and used the machines for a few months. So looking at other reviews, we found that people have owned it for years and it never broke down on them. We tried to find even one negative review about its durability, but there weren’t any. The only negative thing that was said about the Rosewill R-BM-01 was that the bread might not come out as soft as the other models, but that’s a small price to pay. It lasts long and makes tasty bread despite the price. As another reviewer had said, “You are going to make some fine bread. Don’t let the price fool you.”

Rosewill R-BM-01 Rating
  • Features
  • Quality of Bread
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Versatility


The Rosewill R-BM-01 is everything you’ll need to make good bread. At a low price point, it’s a great machine to test out baking before investing in a higher-end model. A no frills product baking no hassle bread.

Rosewill R-BM-01 Features At A Glance

  • Makes a 1.5- or 2-pound square, vertical loaf
  • Bakes bread in 3 hours, and has a 13-hour delay timer
  • Has a 60-minute “keep warm” function
  • Has 3 crust settings: light, medium, dark
  • Has 12 pre-programmed settings: Basic, French, Whole Wheat, Quick, Sweet, Ultra Fast-i, Ultra Fast-ii, Dough, Jam, Cake, Sandwich, Bake
  • Has a viewing window at the top
  • Comes with instruction manual, recipe book, removable bake pan with a single kneading blade, measuring spoon, and measuring cup

Concluding Thoughts

We would definitely purchase this machine just based on the $50 price tag. You can’t get anything cheaper that can make tasty bread and last you for years. So it’s easy to buy the Rosewill R-BM-01 without much consideration. We think it’s a great entry level product. So if you’re looking to test whether you like baking bread yourself, we think this is a great machine to try with before dropping hundreds on higher end models.

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