35 Things You Can Make With a Bread Machine

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Bread machines do more than bake bread!

While most people purchase bread machines to make homemade bread, there are actually plenty of other tasty treats you can make with your bread machine.

If you’re looking for new recipe ideas and inspiration, or want to discover new ways to use your bread machine, we want to give you some of our favorite ideas so you can make the most of your machine!

1. Fruit/Nut Bread


Add some walnuts or raisins to your homemade bread! Many bread machines have a fruit/nut program that beeps at a certain time to tell you to add these ingredients. Otherwise you can purchase a bread machine that has an automatic fruit/nut dispenser which will drop these ingredients for you at the right time.

2. Whole Wheat Bread

whole wheat bread

Besides regular white bread you can bake whole wheat bread with a bread machine.

3. Multigrain Bread

multigrain bread

And you can increase the nutritional value of your bread by baking multigrain bread with your machine.

4. Gluten-Free Bread

gluten-free bread

Don’t have a tolerance for gluten? A bread machine can bake gluten-free bread that’s better than what you get at the store.

5. Rice Flour Bread

rice flour

Other than regular flour, you can use rice flour with a bread machine.

6. Cornbread


You can also use cornmeal to bake cornbread with your bread machine.

7. Marble Bread

marble bread

Sprinkle some instant coffee or cocoa powder to get a beautiful and delicious flavored marble bread. Some bread machines have a pre-programmed cycle for marble bread.

8. Flavored Bread

flavored bread

The possibilities are endless! Tomato, coconut, peanut butter, chocolate…sweet or savory, a bread machine can bake fresh bread with a wide variety of ingredients of your choice.

9. Brioche


Who doesn’t like a rich and buttery brioche baked fresh?! You can do this with a bread machine.

10. Butter Roll Dough

butter rolls

Speaking of rich and buttery bread, you can put together some butter roll dough in your bread machine, then separate the dough on a pan to bake in the oven.

11. Cinnamon Roll Dough

cinnamon rolls

A bread machine can put together the perfect cinnamon roll dough because it kneads and takes into account the time needed for the dough to rest and rise. After the dough is ready, instead of baking them off individually in the oven, you can also shape and pop them back into the bread machine to bake, and you’ll have cinnamon roll bread!

12. Scone


A bread machine can bake up a delicious scone. You can even add sweet or savory ingredients like cheese and bacon.

13. Teacake


When you’re done with scones, try teacakes.

14. Baguette Dough


A bread machine can help you make baguettes in no time by putting together the dough for you. It’s like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen.

15. Bagel Dough


Take away half the work of making homemade bagels too by forming the dough with your bread machine.

16. Focaccia or Challah Dough


Likewise, you can start your homemade focaccia or challah bread by combining the dough with your bread machine.

17. Croissant Dough


Croissants are one of our favorite things to make with a bread machine.

18. Pizza Dough


So are pizzas!

19. Pasta Dough


And pastas. You can put together a fresh pasta dinner in a snap.

20. Udon Dough


Go beyond pasta. The Japanese Panasonic bread machine has an option to make udon noodle dough.

21. Naan Dough


Or do you feel like naan for dinner?

22. Tortilla Dough


Or perhaps some tortilla?

23. Dumpling Skin Dough

dumpling skin

Using the pre-programmed setting of the Panasonic bread machine, make some fresh dumpling skin dough to wrap your favorite fillings.

24. Doughnut Dough


How about some doughnut for dessert?

25. Pound Cake

pound cake

Or pound cake? You can bake a pound cake from start to finish using your bread machine.

26. Lemon Cake

lemon cake

Add some lemon zest to your pound cake to make an aromatic lemon cake.

27. Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake

Who can resist chocolate cake? Gather some cocoa and chocolate chips to make chocolate cake in your bread machine effortlessly.

28. Banana Bread

banana bread

A bread machine can bake banana bread too. Perfect for when you have ripe bananas lying around.

29. Dutch Apple Cake

apple cake

An easy and delicious dessert that you’ll go back to often!

30. Mochi


Add glutinous rice and water into a Japanese bread machine and you’ll have some delicious, soft, fresh mochi in no time.

31. Jam

fruit jam

Most, if not all bread machines these days, come with a pre-programmed setting to make jam. Apple jam, blueberry jam, peach jam, kiwi jam, mango jam, orange marmalade, you name it!

32. Apple Sauce

apple sauce

You can make apple sauce with the jam setting of your bread machine too. Add grated apples, water, sugar, and lemon juice.

33. Compote


Or you can make compote by adding chunks of your favorite fruits.

34. Chocolate

chocolate mousse

A bread machine can help you mix together some delicious chocolate, and treats like chocolate mousse.

35. Meatloaf


No oven? No problem! Set the timer and bake your meatloaf using your bread machine. If you’re making small portions, using your bread machine can be more energy-efficient than using your oven.


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