Black & Decker B6000C Review

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Black & Decker B6000C bread machineThe Black & Decker B6000C is a bread machine that will bake a horizontal 3-pound loaf. Yes, 3 pounds! It can also bake smaller 1.5- or 2-pound loaves, but the machine is intended for baking large loaves. Some of the items that this machine has, similar to other machines, are a 13-hour delay timer, crust control: light, medium, and dark, large viewing window, nonstick removable bake pan with dual kneading blades, various pre-programmed settings, and a 2-hour keep warm function.

The bread maker is shaped in a oval and it is fairly large, but at the same time it is fairly light. This could be a good or bad thing, as you can move it in and out of your kitchen fairly easily but it feels kind of flimsy. The bread pan is a rectangular shape so your bread will come out looking similar to the traditional loaves. The LCD display on the machine is small. There are buttons around it that you push to select your settings. However, it would seem like the display is small to make room for an extra large viewing window on the lid. With the viewing window, you can monitor your bread as it bakes.

Our Black & Decker B6000C Review

There are some really good things going on with this Black & Decker B6000C. The most obvious is probably the fact that it makes a large 3-pound loaf, which is rare among the leading bread machines. As a matter of fact, we found that the 2-pound and 3-pound options on this bread machine work better than the 1.5-pound option. The loaves turn out much nicer and it mixes the larger dough better. So we definitely think this bread maker is more suited towards larger families or if you usually bake for a large group. Secondly, we liked that this machine has two kneading blades. This is probably a must because of the large dough it handles. With that, we are impressed by how capable it is of handling thicker dough.

When the machine is kneading, we noticed that it was really quiet. After the final kneading cycle is over, you can take the kneading blades out of the machine so that your dough will rise and bake without the large holes at the bottom caused by the blades. But keep in mind that you might have to clean the rotator part (which is difficult) if any dough seeps in and prevents the machine from working well. This is a problem for most machines as they bake with the kneading blade stuck to the bottom, leaving the bread with an unappealing hole. For your reference, you can take out the kneading paddles at about 1:45.

Other positives were that the machine is easy to use, even for the inexperienced bread maker. The thing we didn’t like about this machine was the display. It was hard to read. The bread maker also didn’t feel like it was a high-end machine like Zojirushi, but this is reflected in the price – it’s cheaper by more than double than Zojirushi. The Black & Decker B6000C is very light. Also, there aren’t as many settings as there are on other bread machines. For instance, there is only one dough setting. That said, there are enough cycles for most needs.

Black & Decker B6000C Rating
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The Black & Decker B6000C has the rare ability to make a large 3-pound loaf. It does the job quite well thanks to its dual kneading blades for handling heavy dough. Though the user experience is not as refined as certain bread machines, it is more than suitable for simple bread making for larger families.

Black & Decker B6000C Features At A Glance

  • Makes a classic horizontal 1.5-, 2-, or 3-pound loaf
  • Bakes bread in 2 hours, and has a 13-hour delay timer
  • Has an extra large viewing window
  • Has a 2 hour keep warm function
  • Has 3 crust control settings: light, medium, dark
  • Has all the basic pre-programmed settings
  • Comes with instruction manual, recipe book, and removable bake pan with dual kneading paddles

Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for a good value machine to bake a large 3-pound loaf, the Black & Decker B6000C is the best choice. If you are nitpicky about the details and want a more refined machine, then we would recommend you check out our Zojirushi BB-CEC20 review or Breville BBM800XL review. Both machines make a fairly large-sized loaf.

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